Clean Procurement Statement

APAT OE committing to build up a transparent, fair, equity, honest and sincere business cooperation environment.
We respect and protect the common interests between suppliers and us.

We insist on fair trading.
We persist in integrity.
We pursue buying in reasonable price.
We are against any related deal.
We refuse business fraud.
We prohibit any behavior of commercial bribe.

Clean Procurement Requirements

1. Do not trying to distribute any gift or souvenir (Including but not limited: calendar, notebook, pen, USB or mobile phone).

2. Do not offer participation to any activity organized by your departments (Including without limitation of dinner, annual party or outdoor training).

3. Do not provide any venue facility, bonus or prize to any activity conducted by our departments.

4. Do not invite our staff to join your company activities, such as annual party, dinner or lucky draw, etc.

5. Do not provide any chance to our staff to use, possess your company asset, vehicle or cash, etc.

More detail information subject to the agreement of Integrity promising.